About VieSID

Introducing VieSID

VieSID is a not profit oriented association dedicated to the advancement of occlusal dentistry. It was originally founded by Professor Rudolf Slavicek at Danube University Krems to promote postgraduate education in Interdisciplinary Dentistry, including the theoretical, clinical and practical aspects of high-standards dental practice.
VieSID’s main aim is to disseminate the knowledge stemming from Prof. Slavicek’s lifework, which is consistent with Prof. Sato’s concepts, and to further develop the field of occlusal medicine conducting also independent research. VieSID works with independent renowned international experts and lecturers and is committed to shaping the curricula to provide the best postgraduate education to dental professionals specialized in the various fields of Dentistry, including dental technicians.
Currently, VieSID provides postgraduate education programs in functional dentistry also in cooperation with the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. This guarantees the excellence of our courses and high professionalism of our teachers. Additionally, the content of our courses is supported by up-to-date clinical research in the field of functional occlusion.

Goal of VieSID

The goal of the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry is to teach the knowledge and concepts of Professor Dr. Rudolf Slavicek.  Additional training in other concepts including those of Professor Sadao Sato (Orthodontics) makes this program truly interdisciplinary.  VieSID cooperates with independent renowned international experts and lecturers and is responsible for the content and organization of the curricula. In addition to Vienna, VieSID programs are taught worldwide. Professor Rudolf Slaviceks’ teaching spreads from Latin America to Canada, other European countries, Russia and China.
VieSID is managed by Christian Slavicek and is supported by the Scientific Members of the Scientific Board of VieSID:

  • Prof. Dr. Sadao Sato, DDS, DDSc – Kanagawa, Japan
  • Univ. Prof. DDr. Eva Piehslinger – Vienna, Austria
  • along with other distinguished colleagues

The Mastermind

The long tradition of science and education in dentistry are closely linked to Vienna and associated in particular to Prof. Rudolf Slavicek. He was known as a pioneer and mastermind in interdisciplinary dentistry. Prof. Slavicek definitely was an opinion leader in the field of functional diagnostics and interdisciplinary dentistry. Since many years his work in scientific research and development has been focused on biomechanical relations and functional determinants of the masticatory organ. His holistic functional therapy concept has increasingly gained acceptance. His leading development work for e.g. functional diagnostic instruments, has already had effects on many products.
As a logical consequence of the comprehensive work of Prof. Rudolf Slavicek, VieSID was founded as a not profit-oriented association by members of the Slavicek family in 2008. First, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Education Center of the Dental Association in Vienna (ZAFI). Now VieSID cooperates for all its courses in Vienna with the University Clinic of Dentistry of the Medical University of  Vienna where all courses take place. Education has been one of Prof. Slavicek’s main objectives. He inspired his students with his outstanding knowledge, his enthusiasm and his love for solid didactics. Many of his students are the young and dedicated lecturers of the future.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek (1928 – 2022)