Summer School 2023 – 26-30.7.2023

VieSID Summer School

VieSID Summer School is an international congress focused on occlusion and interdisciplinary dentistry. Every year, renowned specialists from around the world meet to exchange their expertise in the field of occlusion and function in dentistry. The Summer School features unique lectures and innovative approaches from leading international experts, complex case presentations and many interactive sessions, hands-on lessions such as table clinics and poster presentations. The Summer School is addressed to all specialists in the field of interdisciplinary dentistry.

Summer School 2023

Occlusion medicine: facing complexity with interdisciplinarity

Professor Rudolf Slavicek was once asked ironically: “How can one talk that much over 32 tiny teeth?”.  The serious answer to this provocative question is to be found in the complexity of the masticatory system and its reciprocal interaction with the body, nervous system, and psyche. The program of Summer School 2023 acknowledges the centrality of oral health and function by tackling relevant questions with an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and therapy. In addition, this year, the classical and the modern will meet in our dedicated theoretical and hands-on sessions on digital techniques for occlusion medicine.

The Summer School 2023 program in a nutshell:

  • Advanced digital techniques for functional dentistry: state of the art of digital dentistry, advantages and pitfalls (S. Provencher, C. Slavicek, E. Úry, X. Rausch-Fan*)
  • Digital protocols in orthodontics and prosthodontics: how to maintain quality in the virtual environment (A. Londoño & M. Assis, S. Thunert, F. Logrego, D. Garg, E. Úry*)
  • Function and stability in orthodontics: understanding function is key to successful and stable treatment (S. Sato, M. Assis, P. Kokkinos, P. Mancia, L. D`Onofrio, A. Londoño*)
  • The principles of occlusion medicine: how to achieve therapeutic goals in the light of function and aesthetic (I. Tester, A. Szygenda, K. Parlett*)
  • A cybernetic perspective on the masticatory system: relationship with the nervous systems, the proprioceptive system and the psyche (A. Sims, J.P. Meerssemann, J. Kostrzewa-Janicka, D. Storino*)
  • Complex cases presentation and discussion: how would you treat them? (D. Storino, M. Ivchev, D. Sing, D. Togni*)
  • Photo biomodulation in dentistry: a versatile therapeutic tool (A. Dominguez, M. Assis*)
  • Outlook on the future of occlusion medicine in dentistry: forum discussion on key aspects for tangible advancements (coordinated by C. Fornai*)
  • The geometry of occlusion and its influence to orthopaedic stability (J.-D. Orthlieb, A. Landry, D. Sing, A. Nagy*)
  • Report on VieSID Research activities: an outline of one year of scientific work and literature review (C. Fornai)
  • Table Clinics: let´s put the theory into practice (T. Haberl, E. Úry, L. D´Onofrio, J.P. Meerssemann)


This program is addressed to all dental professionals interested in occlusion and the function of the masticatory system from a holistic point of view.

The Summer School is organized by VieSID in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna.

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Date: 26-30/07/2023

Price: 1.400€