Pricing Box

Basic Plan

$ 20

Per visit


Routine Checkup

1 Consultation session

Weight Management


Best For You

$ 60

For 6 Month’s


Complete Checkup

Per Visit Consultation

Liver Function

Medical Assistance

Special Plan

$ 90

Per Month

Routine checkup

24h Assisance

Regular Health Checkups

Blood Test

Medical Assistance

[row][column col="4"][pricing-plan title="Basic Plan" price="20" price_sign="$" duration="Per visit" highlight="no" row1="CBC" row2="Routine Checkup" row3="1 Consultation session" row4="Weight Management" row5="Prescription" btn_label="Purchase Now" link="#"][/column][column col="4"][pricing-plan title="Best For You" price="60" price_sign="$" duration="For 6 Month's" highlight="yes" row1="CBC" row2="Complete Checkup" row3="Per Visit Consultation" row4="Liver Function" row5="Medical Assistance" btn_label="Purchase Now" link="#"][/column][column col="4"][pricing-plan title="Special Plan" price="90" price_sign="$" duration="Per Month" highlight="no" row1="Routine checkup" row2="24h Assisance" row3="Regular Health Checkups" row4="Blood Test" row5="Medical Assistance" btn_label="Purchase Now" link="#"][/column][/row]

Note: You can change column as per your need, Two column, three column and four column. For Two column change “col” attribute to 2, for three column 4, and for four column change it to 3.